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Fat Man on the Moon:

FMC  When Charlie Franks, a modest Climatologist, was selected for a trial mission to the moon he was ecstatic.  He had no idea the trials he and his fellow astronauts would be subjected to.

For eons people believed there was a man on the moon, but what about a fat man?

*When asked to describe this book the best description I could come up with is a children’s book for adults.  It’s funny, it’s wacky, it’s got a little bit of everything as well as an ending that you’ll never see coming.

The first draft is almost complete and during the editing process I’ll also be doing illustrations.  Estimated publication will be sometime summer 2016.


back_draft_9sWhen a young man breaks into a supposedly empty costume shop shortly before Halloween he’s in for the surprise of his life.  Not only is the store occupied, it’s full of monsters.  Shopping monsters and blue vested employees.  After all, it’s not like Big Foot can walk into a corner store.

He’s caught and faces a simple choice; put on a blue vest or disappear.

**Originally written for last year’s NaNo, this book has been a blast.  It’s funny and surprising with a generous splash of tear jerking and heart warming.  With monsters anything and everything is possible.

First draft is done and I’m going through the first round of editing.  Estimated publication date is late summer, early fall 2016.