Relationship Marketing – You’re Doing It Wrong!

Yes! Fantastic advice about marketing your work.

Chris DiBella

As a self-published author, building strong relationships with your readers can go a long way towards contributing to your success. This statement probably seems pretty obvious, but are you building the right relationships with the right people?

A while back, I posted about how I decided to opt out of virtually every Facebook “networking” group I was a part of. Why did I decide to do this? Because, these groups just didn’t work – for me anyway. I’m sure there are plenty of you who are in some of these groups and will argue this, but for me, it wasn’t worth investing my time to get nothing in return. Ninety nine percent of these groups are just authors who post their own books, usually about ten times per day, and they do nothing to try and network except to reach out to other authors and ask if everyone else would…

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